Room (2015)

To speak of the film Room strictly from a plot standpoint would be a terrible injustice to the efforts of the filmmakers involved in delivering this bold masterpiece to the screen.   In the midst of the the film’s unconvention, we find a symmetry that emboldens our care for the main players (in the film) and also provides an emotional transition from scene to scene so that we may be witness to these people’s extraordinary journey to “normalcy.”  This is one of the year’s best films!

I once again hesitate to offer a plot description for Room as I feel going in blindly will be a better filmgoing experience for everyone.  That being said, I can tell you this is a powerful film containing subject matter that is not easily digestable.  You will feel uncomfortably at times, but I promise if you stick with our heroes of the film, you will be a satisfied filmgoer.

The director Lenny Abrahamson wisely holds back (initially) on the broader world of our two heroes (Ma & Jack) to let us discover for ourselves the true horror of their lives (moreso for Ma).  And I don’t know how much Abrahamson had to do with it, but this is one of the very best performances by a child in cinema history, and Jacob Tremblay should earn an Oscar Nomination for his performance.  Brie Larson as Ma is also a shoo-in for a Best Actress nomination.

And that’s all for now….
I want you to see this as uninformed as possible.


In summation: Room is a must see!  Please don’t be afraid to allow your emotions to become your guide and follow them to the conclusion.  Understand this is not an entertaining film per se and that you will have to immerse yourself in to the film’s unconventional waters in order to enjoy the experience.  If you can do that, you will be seeing one of the decade’s best films….!!


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