Moonstruck (1987)

Here is an old review I wrote on facebook back in 2010 for the movie Moonstruck.

Kinda short, but it’s fun to revisit….

Oh what a movie! This 1987 Best Picture Nominee is so true to life, you’ll swear it is a satire. But instead of satire, what you will see is a warm film, that realizes life’s little moments, whether sad or happy (and even the self-important “tragedies”) deserve to be looked upon as humorous. Several Oscar nominations were doled out to “Moonstruck” including wins for Cher (Best Actress), Olympia Dukakis (Best Supporting Actress), and John Patrick Shanley for his screenplay.

Loretta (Cher) is set to marry Johnny (Danny Aiello), but ends up falling for Ronny (Nicolas Cage), Johnny’s brother. Rose (Dukakis) is married to Cosmo (Vincent Gardenia, Best Supporting Actor nominee), Cosmo has a gal on the side. Johnny is at his mother’s death bed in Cicily, awaiting her death so he can marry Loretta. Johnny and Rony have not spoken in five years since a bread slicer accident…
All of this, plus many other great performances and stories, provides a unique cinematic experience, which is all the more amazing since the characters are so recognizable and normal.

It should be noted that this is one of Nicolas Cage’s best performances; he plays an eccentric baker, who with sincere honesty and persistence, is able to sweep Loretta off her feet. He is also the reason we get to see Cher take the greatest “Walk of Shame” of all time which makes us all yearn that one day we can be so lucky!

I must admit this is definitely one of my favorite films of all time. I say this in hopes it will make you watch it if you have not already. I truly think it is a film everyone needs to see for themselves. It holds such a profound meaning for me every single time I watch it, that I can only hope you’ll feel the same type of thing when you witness it for yourself. And once again, we can all strive to float down the street in the clothes we wore the night before as happily and obliviously as Cher does. ENJOY!!!!

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